The following principles are intended to aid members of the IAHP in maintaining ethical conduct. These are standards by which a physician may determine conduct in relationships with patients, with colleagues, with members of the scientific community, and with the public at large.

1. Hygienic Physicians should render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity of humankind in general and the total individual in particular. Hygienic Physicians should consider the person's total physical and mental needs, educating the person into right ways of living. The care shall be at all times in the best
interests of the individual.

2. Hygienic Physicians should strive continually to improve their skill and scientific knowledge and make their attainments available to the individuals under their care.

3. Hygienic Physicians should recognize that individuals have an inalienable right to share in making decisions pertaining to their care. Hygienic Physicians should guide and educate persons toward this goal and actively encourage them to become self-reliant in their maintenance of their own health.

4. Hygienic Physicians will observe the law in the conduct of their practice; they shall uphold the dignity of the Association and fully accept, its self-imposed disciplines.

5. Hygienic Physicians may advertise where legal. In doing so, however, they should at all times be guided by principles of dignity and good taste.

6. Hygienic Physicians shall not reveal the confidences entrusted to them in the course of their care, or the deficiencies observed in a person's character, unless required to do so by law, or unless it becomes necessary in order to protect the welfare of the individual or of the community.

7. Members of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians are expected to uphold the good name, integrity and reputation of their professional colleagues at all times, both publicly and privately, and it is agreed that all conflict of philosophy and practice should be resolved within the confines of the Association.

8. Members of the Association shall refrain from involvement in the marketing and/or profiting from the sale of therapeutic products, nutritional supplements, etc. to their patients.

Adopted: 7/30/79
Amended: 7/3/95

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